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I've been trucking through Final Fantasy via Final Fantasy Origins for Playstation. People who have completed the original version, or even this version, my hate goes off to you. If I had played Final Fantasy before 4 or 6, I might have never bothered with the series. Even with some of the additions to help make it easier on the PS, this game is brutal. 16 hours in (I grind a lot) and I've only got the Earth Crystal.

It's swell that the magic system is kind of a nod to D&D, but it freaking sucks. The healing is super weak; the random battles are WAY too frequent; and damn if they ever tell you where you're supposed to be going. Generally I wouldn't use a walkthrough for a game, but this one has been too frustrating not to use one.


I'll be glad to complete it just to say I did it, but I can't say I ever plan on revisiting. This game is freaking torture.

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