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Hey, You Got Video Games in My Music Video!

One of my recent favorite bands released a new music video not too long ago. It's got an amusing old-school(ish) video game theme and the song is catchy to boot. It's probably a little funnier when you know what the band is all about, but I suppose it's a good intro video, too. There's a lot to like about Masked Intruder, if you're into that sort of music. Check it out:

Kotaku has probably done this before, at least in an off topic post, but I'm sure there are tons of video game themed music videos out there. Some of them might even be of other genres than "creepy pop punk love song." It's always cool to discover new music, and what better place to do it than among your friends on your favorite game website (maybe)? So let's see those videos, folks.


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